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Making Basic Income a European Reality – Seminar video


This is a recording of the seminar Making Basic Income a European Reality, held at the 30th EGP Council in Tampere, Finland on the 8th November of 2019. The seminar was organized in cooperation by the Finnish green think tank Visio and the Green European Foundation, GEF.


The long lived dream of a basic income has gained relevance in Europe in the last few years. Changing working life and an uncertain economy has sparked the need for social security reforms in many countries. The Finnish basic income study has received world wide coverage. The goals have long been established but how do countries move forward to make it actually happen? Is an European BI possible? Should we approach BI incrementally?
(Presentation on the status of UBI in Finland: Status of UBI in Finland 2019)


Jamie Cooke, Head of RSA Scotland Pathways to a Basic Income in Scotland and the UK

Jane Millar, University of Bath, UK Universal Credit: designing and implementing the UK’s new working-age benefit and how this differs from Basic Income
(Revised presentation: Millar UC- Visio8Nov 2020)

Kim Evangelista, Belgian Green party (Ecolo) A Basic Income for the young: Inventing tomorrow’s solidarities
(Presentation: UBI presentation_Kim Evangelista)

Lukas Korpelainen, Visio – Finnish Green Think Tank A hybrid model for basic social security and the steps for the next 10 years in Finland
(Presentation: Hybrid model for UBI_Lukas Korpelainen)