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A European Just Transition for a Better World

A European Just Transition for a Better World is a collection of articles born out from Green European Foundation’s (GEF) transnational Just Transition project.

The book is available to order from the publisher, London Publishing Partnership. E-book coming later this year.


Foreword, Natalie Bennett

Introduction, Dirk Holemans

PART I: Setting the Stage

Just transition in the climate agenda: from origins to
practical implementation, Joaquín Nieto

Different perspectives on a just transition: from decent jobs in a greener society to a good life for all within planetary boundaries, Dirk Holemans and Elina Volodchenko

A global perspective: voices from the South, Daniel Chavez, Rand El Zein, Lyda Fernanda Forero
and Anya Namaqua Links

PART II: European Regions on Their Way

Accelerating just transition from Southern Europe:
the case of Spain, Raúl Gómez and Joaquín Nieto

Historical perspectives to inform a just transition in
Southeastern Europe, Dragan Djunda, Aleksandar Gjorgjievski and Vedran Horvat

Just transition in the Nordic model, Simo Raittila

The uneven rise of just transition in Western Europe, Dirk Holemans and Elina Volodchenko

PART III: Just Transition and the EU Green Deal

The European Green Deal as the new social contract, Sara Matthieu

PART IV: Frontrunners Showing the Way

Just transition – youth perspectives, Sean Currie

A just transition in agriculture, Anne Chapman

Aviation and the just transition, Robert Magowan

PART V: Concluding Remarks

To conclude: our work has only just begun, Dirk Holemans and Adrián Tóth

About the editor and authors

Whether we are thinking about the evolving climate crisis, the urgent need for geopolitical energy autonomy or the detrimental impact of the extractive economy on communities and nature around the world, it is clear that Europe faces a crucial challenge: it needs to transition its economy incredibly quickly towards one that provides everyone with the opportunity to live a good life within planetary boundaries. But the faster one needs to change, the ­greater the risk of people and regions being left ­behind. The development and implementation of a just transition is therefore essential for the times we are living in. What kinds of policy and funding do we need to make the transition happen in an equitable way, ensuring that the fundamental rights of all are guaranteed in an inclusive society? And how does this translate into the divergent realities of different regions in Europe, and in the Global South?