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Analysis: Environmental degradation and its offsetting, or ecological compensation

Visio published Professor Janne S. Kotiaho’s analysis on ecological compensation in October 2021. Kotiaho is a Professor of Ecology and Director of the School of Resource Wisdom JYU.Wisdom at the University of Jyväskylä. He is also the Chair of Suomen Luontopaneeli, the Finnish IPBES panel.

The analysis was translated to English by the Green European Foundation in Spring 2022. Download the PDF.

Stopping the loss of biodiversity and achieving ecological no net loss (NNL), not to mention a net positive impact, is not realistically viable without biodiversity offsets, in other words ecological compensation.

List of contents:
1. What is ecological compensation?
2. How can we know that we are truly offsetting ecological losses?
3. Net positive impact – what is it and how to reach it?
4. Habitat hectares as currency for exchanging losses and offsets
5. Is this all just greenwashing?
6. Promoting Finnish pioneership